UK government says Microsoft's pushback against its Activision block is "not borne out by the facts", Sekiro fans dub Armored Core 6 "Mechiro" after seeing its familiar posture-break mechanic, This progress-breaking Star Wars Jedi Survivor bug is forcing players to restart the game. This quest fixes that, as it feels like a truly balanced set of objectives. For Outbreak, continuing to open fresh parts of the current regions is a wise idea, and this could go even further by adding fully original Outbreak maps. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. If done correctly, youll be sucked into the jellyfish where youll find the last key. This new update adds changes to Zombies Outbreak mode and adds "Super Easter egg" rewards. What you need to do is shoot the boss in the chest, as indicated by a circular glow. It can be any two random regions out of the seven available. Cold War Zombies Super Easter Egg: THE PACT (All Rewards & All Zoo Mask Locations) MysteryHQ 10.3K subscribers Subscribe 506 27K views 10 months ago Here's my super easter egg guide for. The location of the mask is always the same. #CallofDuty #BlackOpsColdWar #ZombiesTreyarch released an update to BOCW zombies on April 25th, 2022 that added a few different rewards for completing the main quests on each of the zombie maps within the game. The good news is that the Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg radio you need appears in a fixed location across all five maps. Once you've completed at least two main quests, you will be able to interact with the pedestal. When you're ready, head to the Missile Silos and walk through the hole in the wall to access the elevator. The mask is resting on the control panel. Rather than feeling like just another new objective, Outbreaks quest is a proper Easter egg through and through. You'll need to head to the Foothills area in the Northeast section of Zoo, where you'll find a ritual site that has been added to the map. GameSpot may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site. Your goal within the first couple World Tier levels of the Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg is to get geared up as much as possible. Head up the stairs behind it and pause on the platform that's covered in blue grass. This method allows you to complete the quest fast and without waiting to be randomly ported to the required map. S.E. For starters, fans have voiced their disappointment for the main quests final cutscene. GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Spawn features a few things: MK14 (500) and Bulldog (500) wallbuys, a Generator, Exo Medic, and a Credit Machine. She loves competitive first-person shooters like CS:GO and Call of Duty, but she always has time for a few rounds of Hearthstone. There is a new secret location in the Zoo region where you can interact with the pedestal and get your rewards. This applies to both the round-based maps and Outbreak. It also has a dragon head popping up from the top of the machine's hole. Listen to the radio and tune the signal amplifiers. In this COD Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg guide, well walk you through completing all the step required with maps and images to keep you on the right track as you battle to clear this Black Ops Cold War Outbreak mode, step-by-step. In this easter egg, players can go to a certain location and make a pact with a demon by interacting with a ritual site. What makes the latest challenge even trickier is that it can spread across all the Outbreak maps. Still, this easter egg quest is a triumph, as it is both a good sign for Outbreaks next quest and the upcoming Berlin Survival map. This means you can use that as a distraction to safely damage the boss. However, that. If you ever feel like this permanent upgrade is too overpowered for you, you can always interact with the same pedestal again to "break the pact" and deactivate the permanent reward. This will lead to an elevator that will take you to the final area, so be prepared before heading down. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. Lots of Mimic enemies will spawn in the room that connects the silos, and they have hefty health bars, so take your time and clear as many of them as you can before looking for the keys. She's happiest when she's rescuing pugs in Spelunky 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The update introduced a new secret location on the Zoo map alongside a new mode, a perk, and several unlockable rewards. You will find it in the middle at the bottom of the pool. BA1 1UA. The impact of that supply reduction was exacerbated by the winter holidays, when egg demand typically peaks each year. Outbreak Mode started in late February as part of season two of the battle pass, but we're yet to see a big secret in place. What you need to do is visit silos A, B, and D in a certain order and interact with the terminals at each location. Only four of the five maps have a projector Ruka does not have one. Copyright 2023 IBTimes LLC. It looks the same across all three silos. Head to the Beacon, which looks like a big metal tube with a telephone icon on its screen. At the moment a main easter egg is yet to be implemented. Each area has a 3D Printer, a Generator, a Credit Machine, and a wallbuy. Main Easter Eggs often tell significant parts of the story, and completing them often provides rewards such as a cutscene, XP, and an . You have some time to loot the chests here, and complete some sidequests. Much like the steps with the radios, the next Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg objective is to find and shoot a monkey that has four possible spawns across the five maps. The Dragon relic is probably one of the many easter eggs in "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" Zombies Outbreak game mode. You GET this for FINISHING the OUTBREAK Easter Egg! To maximize the rewards you receive, you need to complete all six Easter Eggs that are already present in the game. Don't sweat it if you don't ace this part on your first try, the puzzle resets and you can try again shortly afterwards. In this guide, we'll show you everything there is to know about getting the new Cold War Wonder Weapon step-by-step. To actually damage the boss, you need to destroy these floating orbs. Rewards click to enlarge Once you've managed to eliminate Ronald Raygun, the Zombie will drop a Ray Gun complete with 100 rounds of ammunition. If you don't get it, you can back out of the playlist and select it again for a chance. Find Hassan. 1 Dark Ops Calling Card called "The Pact". Data is a real-time snapshot *Data is delayed at least 15 minutes. You'll find yourself in a paved area where Legion will spawn momentarily. After the third orb is destroyed, the boss will go down for good. Once the mini cutscene ends, you will get a message that "Pact is made. The hard part is that youll constantly be chased by mimics and other special zombies while you attempt this, making it extremely tough if youre by yourself. All Rights Reserved. Should you go to the Shattered Moon or Koboh first in Jedi Survivor? Start the Easter Egg at the Ritual Site by interacting with. Do keep in mind, you can collect these in any order. At the end is an Essence Trap, so collect it and head back out to the main area of A. Depending on the number of quests you have completed, you will always start a game with your Loadout weapon having either a Uncommon/Green (at least 2 quests), Rare/Blue (at least 4 quests) or Epic/Purple (all 6 quests) rarity. In all, prices have decreased by 78% in about five months. Hopefully, the next Outbreak easter egg will buck this trend, as cutscenes are beginning to feel formulaic inside of Zombies. In fact, four monkeys will spawn on each map, but the one youre looking for has the letter M next to it. Keep in mind, they only appear for a limited time, but if you dont manage to destroy one, the damage youve dealt will save, so you can pick up after youve staggered the boss again. If I later decided to do the Outbreak quests could I go back undo the pact do the quests and then redo the pact and get a purple weapon. The next Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg step requires you to collect three ICBM launch keys, which are scattered around this area. The products discussed here were independently chosen by our editors. This could contain rare ammo, weapons, armor and a lot more. Note: You can return to the altar at any time to undo the ritual pact, allowing you to remove the permanent weapon upgrade. AboutPressCopyrightContact. As if it needed to be even harder. The Super EE rewards You first need to launch Outbreak and go to Zoo where there will be a Ritual Site located on the Foothills in the North East. Eventually it will go down and will spawn three floating orbs around it. Radio locations, maps and more for the new Call of Duty Outbreak Easter Egg. In my opinion a majority of the calling cards you get as a reward for completing the easter egg on a round based map (or the two outbreak easter eggs) are pretty lackluster, seeing as how there will most likely be one more map coming to cold war I believe that after completing all of the easter eggs both round based AND outbreak, you should get You can find the mask at the central warehouse in this region. The map rotation for each round of Outbreak is random, so you'll want to keep playing until you get to the Zoo region. As you float downwards, grab the Launch Key suspended in the air. Unfortunately, the order seems to be random, so if you try a key in one of the consoles and it gives you an error, try another one. To call the chopper, head to the . Upon arrival, youll have a new point of interest indicated on your map. The next step sees more item collecting, with players hunting down the monkey bomb statues from the Outbreak quest teaser. Typically, super easter egg is a name given to easter eggs unlocked after completing all the main easter eggs on all the maps. To reach it, head to the main hub area in the center and climb the steps where youll come to a door that leads to the boss. It's now emitting a static noise. You will be rewarded new dark ops calling card for making the pact after completing all six main easter egg quests. For Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans that had any doubts about Outbreak becoming a major focus for Treyarch, this quest should make it clear that the open world mode is here to stay. Discord - - - Tok - If youre on Ruka, youll need to warp to a different map. Players must be well-prepared because activating the console will set them back 500 Essence Points. Please read the following rules before commenting: Save my nickname and email in this browser for the next time I comment. You can interact with the mask to 'touch it.' Then, youll want to run around silo B while collecting purple crystals. "It's been all down [since Easter]," Rispoli said of the wholesale price. The boss has electrical attacks, so keep your distance as much as possible. There's a soldier slumped against the blue door down the corridor marked 'C'. Walk up to it and grab the final Launch Key. If you're new to Zombies mode easter . As you can see if youve reached this point, there is a timer of around nine minutes to take down the boss. While this scavenger hunt objective type has been divisive in the past, what makes it work so well inside of Outbreak is the fact that each region has spots. Once youve interacted with the first radio again, youll be able to hear the full message. 2023 CNBC LLC. The Dragon relic is probably one of the many easter eggs in "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" Zombies Outbreak game mode. I recommend teaming up with your pals and taking on this quest together as it feels near impossible solo. Again, your rewards will depend on how many main quests you have completed. You first need to launch Outbreak and go to Zoo where there will be a Ritual Site located on the Foothills in the North East. For those jumping in late and wanting to reap the rewards, we have guides to walk you through the various story quests. This is really useful for those going for camo challenges. Below are the locations of all three, along with the requirements for getting your hands on them. To begin the Easter egg, you need to find the radio. All Rights Reserved. In Outbreak there are 7 areas in the map, they go as the following Spawn, Administration, Main Hub, Holding, Exo Testing, and Morgue. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. All you need to do is shoot them (there will be an M scrawled on the wall next to them) and grab the Microfilm Slides that drop afterwards. Towards the end of the Easter Egg, there are steps that are made much easier by splitting up the tasks. "Xfire" is a trademark of Enoki Limited. Here are all the mask locations in all the regions. More Year 2 content has arrived in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which comes just ahead of Call of Duty Season 3 for Vanguard and Warzone. This is the reward you get for betting the Outbreak easter egg! The mask is half-buried in snow, making it 10x harder to find. By taking down Ronald, you'll be able to get your hands on one of the most powerful weapons in Outbreak without having to spend any points! All Onslaught limited-time modes in CoD Zombies, Explained, Godzilla and Kong wreak havoc on Caldera in Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Pass trailer, What Playlists are in Warzone 2 today? Each phase sees players breaking the bosss armor, and once done, three orbs will appear above its head. When doing this easter egg challenge, players should make sure that they continue moving to help them complete the challenge fast. Once you're ready to fight the boss, head upstairs to the Exit Door and leave the facility. So, I've done 4 quests cos I skipped the outbreak ones. Access the terminal and select the icon with the phone on it. Main Easter Egg - COD Zombies Outbreak. Game Over, Man is the massive secret easter egg achievement and trophy for the Outbreak Exo Zombies map. Special credit goes to r/Myst3ryo on Reddit for helping out with the mask locations on Duga and Alpine. It's Me, Margaret review: "A welcome throwback", Still: A Michael J. Thus far, one of the biggest areas that Outbreak can improve in is making its maps feel more Zombified, as they are remarkably similar to the multiplayer maps. In the meantime, head over to our article on Godzilla and Kong wreak havoc on Caldera in Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Pass trailer. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Your new objective is to find three Launch Keys in the Missile Silos zone. Here is where we recommend utilizing your Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade to safely damage the boss. With the use of monkey bombs, Death Machines, and Chopper Gunners all needed to repel the undead, and players needing to avoid tossed barrels and electric blasts from Legion, the fine can get hectic. In order to find the secret place to claim your new rewards, you'll need to play Zombies' Outbreak mode. Eliminate the zombies, then walk back over to the radio. The enemies in this mode move in thick and fast, and you can die at any moment. After all three amplifiers are tuned, walk back to the radio and interact with it. If youve picked the correct one, youll be given 45 seconds to reach the next silo to repeat the same steps. As you can see in the image below, we have a purple rarity weapon on round 1 of Forsaken. That's down from a record $5.46 in December and $3.54 around the Easter holiday, both seasonal periods of high consumer demand. Then, quickly, detonate the trap to suck in the monkey to acquire the first key. With the Nintendo Switch, he's ready to get spooky anytime, anywhere. There is no particular order for these quests to be completed. However, the number of rewards you earn will depend on how many of the main storyline quests you've completed within Black Ops Cold War's Zombies. From here, run laps in the central area, using any means necessary to take them all out. Essentially, this is the preparation phase, so use it to obtain all the gear youll need. (Epic Loadout Weapon, Emblems, & More) 1,625 views Apr 25, 2022 46 Dislike Share Save Jason H Gaming 5.9K subscribers In this. You'll also need to work out what the order is when inserting the keys (this changes every time). As soon as players fill the large tanks with adequate energy, the machine will take off into the sky. The newly introduced secret works similarly, hence getting its name the 'super easter egg' of Black Ops Cold War. (Updated Weekly), All Dumpster Dead Drops in DMZ Trash Can Locations. Razer Kraken X Gaming Headset Amazon UK 39.99 Amazon US $39.99 head of egg market coverage at Urner Barry, Why egg prices are out of control right now, Why it's important to talk about money in your relationship, A recession may be coming here's how long it could last, 3 ways to rethink old age and retirement, MIT expert says. deutsche bank building body parts,

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