Walking with you on your journey towards wellness

At Advanced Psychiatry of Elgin, we provide all-inclusive care towards mental wellness. We not only provide psychiatry and therapy services but also offer alternative treatments for treatment-resistant illness including TMS, Ketamine, and Spravato. We prioritize individualized care and ensure that you feel supported on your journey towards wellness.

We are here for you

We strive to provide the highest quality of care to
help patients make positive changes in their lives.
We value, respect and embrace the uniqueness
and diversity of all individuals.

Our goal is to merge different treatment plans,
and customize individual approaches according
to each patient’s needs.

Spanish speaking individuals
in all of our departments

Comfortable, therapeutic spaces
for all of your treatments and
individualized options that cater
to your needs

A team of providers and staff
that strive to make you feel
safe, supported, and cared for

Dr. Fareha Malik, Medical Director 

“After witnessing a loved one experience the struggles of
treatment-resistant depression and the lack of treatment options
for such individuals, I was driven to provide care for those that
struggled to find relief from traditional medications.”

Dr. Malik specializes in helping those with treatment resistant
illnesses and is certified in providing TMS, Ketamine Infusion,
and Spravato treatments. She is passionate about creating an
environment that recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each
patient, therefore tailoring the treatment to each patient’s needs. 

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We accept most major insurances