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“I have been seeing Dr Malik since last spring. Going through an unhappy time she asked me if I would like to try TMS. I agreed and have done 8 to 10 weeks of it. This has helped me feel so much better. I put more value on myself and feel stronger and happier. I think it was an excellent idea. Doug and Amanda are very caring and great people who really like to make you feel better. And explain any questions you have.”
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“For years, I've suffered through life in a sad state, which was unlike my childhood. There were many external and internal causes contributing to my sadness over the years, but I was the last person who thought they'd become depressed. After trying medications, Dr. Malik suggested TMS therapy. Now, the clouds have lifted, I can see the sunshine, good people and the good life I have. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone who wants a better life. Thank you!"
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“Dr Malik is a great psychiatrist, and her calm demeanor is very encouraging. She offers cutting edge treatments including TMS. I love to watch her informational videos on YouTube.”
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"I have been coming here for a couple of years now and have never had a bad experience. Staff is very good. When I started seeing Dr. Malik, I was struggling with depression and fighting against my own demons. She made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Malik is very professional, she has been very patient and kind to me since day one. I have nothing bad to say about her. I tried the TMS treatment at her office, and it completely changed my life! Dr. Malik is very knowledgeable and BY FAR THE BEST. Thanks to Dr. Malik and tms treatment I can go to bed in peace knowing my demos are in hell, and all thanks to all her help. I totally recommend Advanced Psychiatry of Elgin "
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"After years of antidepressants not working for me, I decided to try the TMS treatment for my depression and anxiety. Dr. Malik is very kind, professional, and knowledgeable about TMS. After two months of treatment, my depression and anxiety symptoms decreased significantly. The TMS treatment at Dr. Malik's office is something I would highly recommend to those who have not seen results with antidepressants."
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I have been seeing Ana for a while now and she's absolutely the best therapist I've ever had. I feel very safe sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. Whatever issue I've had she's always helped me through it. She is so kind and supportive. I am beyond happy with the service she provides. I would highly recommend going here!!
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I've had such a positive experience at this practice, especially with Claudia for therapy. She's by far the best therapist I've seen -- very caring, kind & joyful, yet straightforward & very effective. She's really helped me through some very challenging times of life. I also have a friend that's seen her & she has reported the same very positive experience. Thank you for all that you do, Claudia!
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My son, who is 7 and autistic is a patient at Advanced Psychiatry. We drive 45 minutes each way to see these doctors because of their knowledge, experience, and because it’s obvious that they care deeply about the progress and well being of their patients. I would highly recommend any of the doctors here!
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I want to say thank you to all the staff that has helped me during this time and actually helped me instead of making false accusations from Angela and lack of empathy. After working with Dr. Malik she was so kind and offered so much help. Dr Malik considered my needs and is putting a solution for me to get better. I am so glad I no longer have to deal with Angela . Thank you Dr. Malik for your empathy and kindness and the help you have given me.
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I’ve been a patient of Dr Malik’s for quite some time now, and just recently did TMS therapy. I have to say, it’s helped me 100%! I was able to cut down how many medications I was taking. I would absolutely recommend TMS to anyone struggling with depression, who has not seen results with medication. Dr Malik and Amanda have been incredible in helping me get back to being me.