Group Therapy

Here at the Advanced Psychiatry of Elgin – we offer complimentary support group sessions for current and prospective TMS, Ketamine, and Spravato patients. These technician-led groups give patients a platform to discuss and process their experiences with one another as they go through a similar journey. Prospective patients can talk to current patients about what the experience may be like for them as well as the benefits from treatment. Patients are also able to address any treatment-related questions, comments, and concerns that they may have. During group therapy, we also go over helpful mindfulness skills and coping mechanisms that can further the benefits of treatment. These groups provide an open and safe space for patients to express their thoughts and emotions. Our hope is that these groups serve as a supportive resource for individuals as they process any changes while going through these treatments. Support groups meet once weekly for Ketamine and Spravato and once weekly for TMS. Please contact the office for more information.